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From the Principal's Desk
The launching of the SMC site in the 47th year of its existence in the educational map of India in the city of Lucknow is indeed a significant event for the entire SMC family. It began with Mary Ward who belonged to a noble family of England. In 1609 she had a vision to bring about a change in the lives of women. She believed that ‘women in time to come will do much’. Many young girls followed her footsteps and many educational institutions were established all over the world for the moral, spiritual and intellectual formation of the youth.

We the Sisters of the Congregation of Jesus , aim at training our students to strive for personal excellence in order to take leadership in assisting their fellow citizens to create a just society, where the underprivileged and exploited especially women , children and dalits are restored to their God –given dignity , rights and freedom and thus bring about social transformation.

Inspired by our motto , Effort Spells Success , the entire SMC family-the management , the teachers , the parents , the students and the supportive staff –enters into a loyal and trusting collaboration for their fulfillment of our aim.

I gratefully remember all those who have helped us in the growth of this institution from 1964 to this present day. We do treasure its legacy and we carry the torch of hope in our hands to awaken in all those who come in touch with us the same spirit of service and love. May the aspirations of Mary Ward enable us to move forward to attain the heights of success.

Sr. Roshni
( Principal)