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Head Girl's Message
Head Girl's Message 2013-2014
“Individually we are good, but together we are magnificent”

It is a great honour to be the Head Girl of SMCIC. I would like to thank our Principal Sr. Roshni and teachers for helping me discover the leader in me.

With due co-operation of all office bearers, I promise to carry on the responsibilities vested in me with utmost sincerity, dedication & integrity, which will take our school to even greater heights.

It is rightly said, “Our future is determined by two factors, the will of god & own will. We have no control our the will of god, but we can use own free will to build our future ”.

In closing, I would just like to convey to all my friends, reading this, cease every opportunity you get and do full justice to it, as stated in the motto of our school “Effort Spells Success”.

So, Let’s together make a difference !!

Arushi Goyal
Head Girl

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