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Head Girl's Message
Head Girl's Message 2015-2016

Today, I have to express what to me is inexpressible. It is rightly said, ”The greatest journey begins with the smallest steps.” My journey began with the tiny steps that led me to this holistic institution of Glory and Grandeur. The selfless love that I have received in this school has given me the strength to face the challenges of life. This school has the best possible combination of talents, skills and energy in the form of teachers.

I now believe that great responsibilities on my shoulders which are the expectations of the school management, staff and my fellow students. The school environment has been very conducive for my growth. The genial atmosphere made me look for the good in every situation and in developing a positive mental attitude, and ultimately moulded me into who I am today. Now it’s time for me to put into practice all the ethics that St. Mary’s Convent has provided me with. I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude to our Principal, Sr.Jyoti, for believing in me and giving me this golden opportunity to serve my school. I thank from the bottom of my heart, my dear Parents who are next to god for me. Words will fall short if I were to describe their dedication, contributions and the fact that they have emphasized a value based life more than anything else.

My teachers, from class Prep to 12, have groomed me and laid a strong base of values in me. Whenever I used to ask my teachers,” Ma’am how much can I achieve?” The answer was the question itself, “ How much can you achieve?” I asked,” How much can I dream?” and they asked, “How much can you dream?”My teachers have always asked me as well as other students, to believe in ourselves, look to the horizon , spread our wings and fly. Thank you, dear Teachers, for your support and guidance.

Individually we are good but together we can be magnificent. So, dear friends and office bearers, let’s work together as a strong team, well equipped with high ethical and moral values so that individually we may shine and together we may glow and be successful in all our endeavors to take this institution to the summit of glory, grace and goodness.

Thank you
Sagarika Bagga

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